Justin Mangold

From the first five minutes you meet Justin it becomes clear this isn’t just a job to him.  Never mind he has all the accreditations and schooling (see linkedin!); his passion for what he does is infectious.  Even while busy designing an incredible backyard or long term planning for Mangold Horticulture it’s not uncommon to see him drop everything to help a crew get done before a rainstorm hits! 


Chris Jung

Chris is the type of guy you want on your team because he can build or fix anything!  He leads design build projects with the vision to overcome any problems.  He seems to keep things moving forward effortlessly each day whether it’s 102° or -15° out.


Jared Bradley

If your property needs ongoing care Jared is your guy.  Not only does he remember what happened on each job three years ago, but he also pushes quality on every job he’s on!  No one has higher quality standards then Jared; we think it comes from his military training as an active member of the Minnesota Army Reserves.

Chris Jung.jpg

Passionate people, outstanding results.


Through extraordinary construction and ongoing care, Mangold Horticulture develops outstanding landscapes that reflect our love of Minnesota's great outdoors.